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Welcome to the home of specialist fragrances, including our famous new car smell spray. Sell your house with the smell of bread and coffee, make your car smell like new or give your home a truly homely smell! All our home and car fragrances are available as scent diffusers, with flat-rate worldwide shipping and moneyback guarantee. Payment accepted with all major cards in your choice of currency.

A summary of our product range is below: click on the individual photos for details and to make a purchase.

New Car Smell Spray

The smell of a new car - bottled!

Get that ‘showroom smell’ back into your car!

Our New Car Smell Spray features active neutralisers to destroy stale car odours and replace them with the smell of a new car – just like in a brand new car in a showroom.

For more info on the New Car Smell spray see our detailed product page New Car Smell spray.

  Sell-a-House kit

Coffee and bread to sell a house

 Fresh Coffee & Bread smells – the classic combination! 

The kit includes separate atomisers of both fresh bread fragrance and fresh coffee smell.

Inspired by the old adage “to sell your house fast…”

Click here for more info on the sell a house kit.

 Leather Smell Spray

The smell of leather

 The genuine smell of Real Leather in a spray or reed diffuser 

Genuine and safe leather scent fragrance.

Great for cars and also in conjunction with our New Car Smell.

Brilliant for making leather bags, shoes and furniture smell like new.


Fresh Bread Scent

Freshly baked bread fragrance

The smell of Fresh Bread in a Fragrance Spray

We are the only known company that can supply a fresh bread fragrance room spray that gives a realistic fresh bread smell!

For more information on our Fresh Bread scent see our product page on the smell of fresh bread.

 Fresh Coffee  Aroma room spray

The smell of freshly brewed coffee

 Fresh Coffee Fragrance 

Our invigorating Fresh Coffee spray successfully recreates the smell of a great coffee shop.

Click here for more information on the smell of fresh coffee.

 The Smell of Chocolate

Chocolate fragrance

 The Smell of Chocolate – in a fragrance spray 

The aroma of real chocolate! We’ve only recently launched our new Chocolate Fragrance spray and it’s proving popular!

Try risk free – click here for more info on  the smell of chocolate.

 Cinnamon Fragrance

The smell of cinnamon

Cinnamon Fragrance home spray

If you love the smell of cinnamon, this is the fragrance for you! Fresh, spicey and realistic – the perfect fragrance of cinnamon.

Click here for more info on our cinnamon room spray.

Cherry Scent

Cherry Fragrance

Cherry Fragrance

Delicious smell of fruity, ripe cherries in a spray or diffuser.

Click on the image to purchase online – updated photo coming soon!

Fairground Popcorn Fragrance

The smell of fairground popcorn

Popcorn Fragrance

The smell of warm popcorn evokes memories of trips to the fairground and movies.

Originally developed for and used in a Michelin-starred restaurant in England – click on the photograph to get yours!

Cranberry Fragrance

The festive smell of Cranberries!Cranberry Fragrance

Part of our Festive Fragrances range.

Get it whilst stock last – we are running low on this product!

We will not be producing another batch until later in 2013.

Reed diffusers

All of our fragrances can be used with our reed diffuser kits, giving you choice in how you use them.

reed diffusers

Reed Diffusers

Click on the image to the left to learn more.

Our innovative reed diffuser kits can convert any of our atomizer sprays into scent diffusers.

Each kit comprises more than enough diffuser reeds, a decorative collar and a screw-cap, in case you wish to “turn it off” for a while.

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