Boat Smell and Odor Eliminator

Remove bad boat smells

You can now easily remove bad boat odors with our car deodorizer – it kills bad boat smells & leaves your boat interior smelling like new.

Does your boat smell bad?

If the interior of your boat is suffering from bad smells, you could use our New Car Smell and Deodorizer spray on your boat interior and upholstery to kill bad odors and leave a fresh fragrance behind. Originally developed for vehicles, this product is amazingly effective in boat interiors (and caravan upholstery). Concentrated and easy to use, we ship world-wide at a flat rate.

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The best boat deodorizer – guaranteed!

Rather than hunting around amongst boat accessories for something to kill bad boat smells, try our product risk free. If you are not happy with the results, we’ll refund you 110%.  Our new car smell spray works fantastically on boat odor, leaving your boat upholster and interior smelling clean, fresh and like new. Also works great as a motorhome deodoriser.

How to treat bad smells in your boat interior

First, give the boat interior a very good clean. Then apply the spray to your boat interior from a distance to the boat upholstery with the bottle upright. Apply sparingly (always test on an inconspicuous area first) to the upholstery and also a few sprays to the centre of the boat interior. Leave for a few hours (preferably overnight) and give the boat interior a good airing. Your boat will smell like new!

Leather smell for boats

If your boat interior features leather or vinyl, our smell of leather spray would be a great additional product to use. Rejuvenating old-smelling leather, it leaves a lovely new leather smell to your boat interior.

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