New Car Smell Spray

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That 'New Car Smell' - The best New Car Smell freshener. Try our New Car Smell spray for your car, featuring the best 'new car smell' fragrance with our active car freshener to destroy old car odors and inject the smell of a new car into any car. Great when giving your car an interior overhaul or getting it ready to sell. Following our instructions below for using the new car smell spray, it can be used as a superior car freshener to remove odours and re-introduce the smell of a new car – just like a showroom.

Every new car smells… well – like a new car! With our New Car Smell spray we can help you re-introduce the original smell, whilst destroying the odours that may well have gathered over the years: food, kids’ sports gear, tobacco, pets… these can all be removed and replaced with the smell of a new car. If you want new car smell anywhere else (other than your car), it can be used successfully for RVs, campervans, caravans and boats. 

Car smell - so what exactly is it? The smell of a new car comes from a complicated mixture of paint, carpeting, leather, vinyl, glue and lubricants. Whilst these may not sound so great, our New Car Smell Spray safely recreates the smell of a new car without any hassle or concerns over chemicals. We've worked hard to get it right.