Battery Aroma Diffuser - Programmable Battery Powered Scent Dispenser

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PRODUCT No: 5060340174996

Battery-operated aroma diffuser (non-aerosol)

Our BDM100 is available in a large variety of scents, is wall-mountable and generates a high level of scenting from a very compact device.

  • Comes ready-to-use with batteries included and full of your chosen scent.
  • Can be positioned and repositioned wherever you need - no plug socket required.
  • Ideal for rooms sizes up to 100 cubic metres (3,500 cubic feet).
  • Programmable timer allows you to customise the strength of scent and determine when and for how long it operates.

This battery-powered aroma diffuser is a more compact version of our mains powered programmable scent diffuser. Measurements: W82mm, D62mm, H175mm.

It can be placed anywhere it is needed and is also suitable for mounting on walls. We do not recommend installing this device close to workstations. If placed outdoors, it should be sheltered from rain and wind and the expectations for scent strength reduced.

A refill typically lasts up to four months, depending on use. The reason it lasts so long is that it operates on pure, concentrated fragrance oil, using cold-diffusion to nebulise the fragrance and mix it with a stream of air. As there are no aerosol gases or water/alcohol solvents, our refills last a very long time. A full range of replacement scent oils is available here.

The BDM100 is covered by a three month warranty and our customer support is always available to answer any questions. Please note that only Sensory Decisions replacement scent oils are suitable for use with this diffuser and attempts to use any other fluid will not be effective, will invalidate the warranty and likely result in damage to the device.

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