Baby Powder Reed Diffuser

Τιμή έκπτωσης £20.00 Κανονική τιμή £20.00

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Baby powder scent reed diffuser - the comforting smell of talcum powder from a room diffuser!

The same fresh talc scent as in our baby powder spray. Smells exactly like a bottle of baby powder, without the mess. Ideal for any room of the house or business that could benefit from the fresh, clean scent of baby powder. This scent works great in bathrooms, bedrooms, changing rooms and cloakrooms.

The diffuser comprises 100ml of concentrated baby powder diffuser oil, with more than enough natural rattan reed diffuser sticks. The diffuser vase is made of heavy glass for stability and it all comes packaged safely in a protective tube case.
In order to manage the strength of the scent, we advise turning the reed sticks upside-down every twelve to twenty-four hours initially, then only every now and again to maintain your preferred strength of scent.

Refills for our reed diffusers are also sold separately.