Fresh Linen Reed Diffuser Oil Refill

Κανονική τιμή £10.00

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Order your Fresh Linen scented Reed Diffuser Oil Refill here! Top up your reed diffusers and save money with the smell of fresh, line-dried cotton bed sheets. Add more than one bottle to the cart for extra savings.

As with all of replacement refill oils, our fresh linen fragranced oil is concentrated, long lasting and we offer fast global shipping.

These oil diffuser refills are exactly the same as supplied with our reed diffuser kits and the smell is exactly the same as our room spray. One refill bottle is sufficient to completely top up one of our reed diffuser bottles. As well as for use as a reed oil topup, these can also be used for making your own home diffuser or with other brands of reed diffuser.

We also offer replacement reeds.