Reed Diffusers

Reed Diffusers for the home and workplace
Nearly all of our fragrances are available as reed diffusers (and refills) or as room sprays - and also in one of our diffusion machines.  Our reed diffuser kits comprise a decorative glass diffuser bottle and collar along with a set of natural rattan reeds to allow a steady aroma of your choice throughout your room or place of work.

How do the reed diffusers work?
Our reed diffuser sets arrive empty with your choice of oil in another bottle. After filling and arranging the reed diffuser sticks, wait 24 hours, then turn the reeds upside down (and wash your hands afterwards!). After that, just turn the reed diffuser sticks upside down every few days or weeks. If you feel the smell from the diffuser is a little overpowering - or you only wish to use the reed diffuser in a small room, simply remove one or more of the reed sticks to reduce the rate of scent dispersion. We supply plenty of reeds, but you can always remove a few!

How long do they last?
As a guideline, in a small room expect the diffusers to last six to eight weeks, in an office with considerable air movement and air conditioning expect two to three. There is a tradeoff between strength and how long they last. The stronger you have the smell (by turning the reeds more frequently or having more reeds in the bottle) the quicker the fragrance is used up.

In order to turn the reed diffusers 'off', for example at night or the weekends, you can remove the reed diffuser sticks and collar, place them on a non-markable surface or wrap them up in a plastic, wash your hands and put the plastic cap (also supplied with the kit) on the bottle.

We also provide cost-effective refills on all of our reed diffuser sets. So when you eventually run out, you needn't purchase the whole set, just the fragranced diffuser oil.

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