Loss or change to sense of smell - some things to consider

投稿者 : Alice on

Loss or change of sense of smell (anosmia or hyposmia) can not only affect the experience of every day living, taste and enjoyment of scents, but can also vary from person to person.

We are not the only provider of fragrance-based products that have, in recent times, had a small proportion of customers order our products only to discover the desired sensory effect to be reduced - or even that the experience is completely lacking!

If you believe your sense of smell has been affected, it is worth testing not only for sensitivity, but against a wide variety of smells, at different times of the day and using other people as a 'controls'. Individual people can lose - just for example - the ability to smell pungent smells, yet be sensitive to sweet or foral scents.

At the best of times, sense of smell is a very subjective experience, with both the identity and intensity of a particular scent being registered differently across individuals. Research shows that most cases of altered sense of smell renormalise with time, either slowly or suddenly.