The Smell of Leather

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Leather Smell Spray - introduces a real leather smell to leather items such as leather bags, shoes and jackets and is great for cars, rooms or shops. Great for rejuvenating leather goods and getting them smelling of leather again. This product is concentrated and specially formulated to recreate the smell of leather in a safe and convenient atomizer bottle.

Love the smell of new leather? Treat any less-than-perfect leather odor and get your car, room, shop or office smelling of leather easily. Concentrated and realistic, suggested uses for our Smell of Leather spray include:

  • Adding the real smell of leather to vehicles, libraries, offices and studies
  • Excellent when used in conjunction with our new car smell spray for cars with leather trim
  • Replacing stale leather odors with fresh leather smells on furniture, handbags and biking gear
  • Also for making non-leather items / faux leather smell like real leather