Sell Your House Fast

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Sell a property with bread and coffee smells Sell your house faster!

Make a home attractive to buyers by creating the ideal sensory ambience. The Sell-A-House Kit features two atomisers of fresh bread aroma and fresh coffee smell home fragrances.

Will the smell of coffee and bread sell a property faster?

The age-old rules to the questions how to sell your house are to appeal to house buyers by:

  1. De-cluttering and remove personal objects such as photographs photographs
  2. Redecorating with neutral colours and addressing things that need fixing
  3. CLeaning, tidying and brewing a fresh pot of filter coffee and baking breadbefore a viewing

According to many researchstudies, fresh bread and coffee are consistently ranked in people's top five favourite smells. On top of that, fresh bread and coffee are considered a given to make a house attractive to house buyers.We also have a free top-tips guide to preparing your house for sale that is well worth a read.

How to use the smell of bread and coffee to sell a house

The coffee and bread aromas have been designed to work great together, but you may wish to spray them in different rooms. On a psychological basis, you could consider using coffee upstairs and bread downstairs (where people cook and eat), or bread near entrances and coffee in living rooms, but it's completely up to you! Spray the atomisers high into the centre of the room. Depending on the size of the room and the humidity, you may need between 2 and 10 sprays in each room. 

We have succesfully supplied our sell-a-home kits to real estate agents all over the globe.