Reed Diffuser Sticks

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Purchase replacement reed diffuser sticks here. A bundle of natural, undyed rattan reed sticks. More than enough for our reed diffusers.

With time, the effectiveness of reed diffuser sticks can be reduced. This can be through a combination of natural impurities in oils and oxidised oil buildup. Essential oils and fragrance oils are often highly unsaturated, with the carbon-carbon double bonds being subject to oxidation, driven by heat and oxygen in the room. These changes mean the reeds no longer 'wick' the oils well, exposing them to the room air to evapourate and create the smell.

If your reed diffuser oil is running low, it might be worth replacing both the reeds and the oil. We also offer replacement oils for home diffusers, for all of our fragrances, as well as these new reeds to rejuvenate any reed-and oil-based diffuser (not just ours).

These are also great for make-your-own diffuser sets if you already have a preferred vase or diffuser jar you want to use.

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