Bread Smell

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The smell of Bread - freshly-baked!

If you love smelling bread, you will love our bread spray! It took considerable R&D to recreate our bread aroma - and this was our first ever product. Since then our bread fragrance continues to satisfy customers around the globe with not only the smell of Fresh Bread in a Room Spray, but other bread-scented products too. The room spray version features:

  • Realistic and concentrated fresh bread fragrance
  • High pressure atomiser (non-aerosol) for better dispersion
  • Fresh bread scent creates a warm and welcoming background aroma

Do you love smelling bread?

If you love a fresh baked bread smell, you can use our bread spray to get the smell of bread in your home, office or shop. Our proudest creation - and sometimes described as "bakery smell", it truly creates a baking bread smell. As well as homes and businesses, this product has also been put to use in sales training, religious seminars and theatre productions.