Fairground Popcorn

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Popcorn Fragrance: The delicious smell of warm buttered popcorn is excellent for movie nights, provoking purchase decisions and creating a warm homely environment. Use our popcorn fragrance to recreate a visit to the fairground - or a trip to the cinema!
This product was inspired by a chef (who recently won their first Michelin star!), who asked us to develop a fragrance that would recreate the smell of a traditional fairground when his award-winning dessert dish was served to table. We are now happy to make this popcorn fragrance available to all of our customers.

  • The smell of freshly-popped, hot-buttered Popcorn in a fragrance spray
  • Realistic and long-lasting, 55ml atomiser bottle - non aerosol
  • Great for the home, office or business premises
  • Ideal for movie nights, events, entertaining and parties