Quality, Environment and H&S Policy

Our commitment to quality, the environment and health & safety
Sensory Decisions is committed to having the people, processes, systems and controls in place to deliver our services to our customers - and to improve these on a continual basis. As part of the company's objective setting, the following quality, environmental and H&S objectives are currently in place:

1. Customer relationship:

We seek to deliver what the customer expects from us. We will identify, solve and improve any instances when this is not the case.

We maintain stringent standards for customer privacy.
We foster meaningful communications with customers in the interests of continuous improvement.

2. Product quality

We aim to provide high quality products that meet both the needs and expectations of our customers, specifically with regard to product descriptions that match product functionality, reliability and safety. We set in place robust controls for new product introduction and we act on all customer feedback.

3. Legal requirements

We will meet our obligations under current and pending legislation and other regulatory requirements that affect our operations, our products, our customers, our staff and the environment.

4. Measurement

We will identify, analyse and evaluate our business' operations and the impacts of these on the environment. We will detect deviations and non-conformities and, if discovered, apply the necessary corrective or preventive actions.

It is a personal objective of the company directors to make the operations of Sensory Decisions carbon neutral before the end of 2012. There is currently a plan in place to identify the company's carbon footprint and to reduce and offset this. Carbon reporting and offsetting will be carried out in line with BSI PAS 2060 and ISO14064.

Carbon conscious fragrances:
We are also part of the 10:10 initiative, whereby businesses sign up to reduce at least 10% of carbon emissions each year.

5. Skills & training
In support of delivering high quality products and customer service, we will identify skills and training needs through gap analysis and address these through training and resourcing.

6. Supply chain and logistics
Whenever possible we will work in co-operation with our approved suppliers to make ensure their products comply with our quality standards, environmental and safety requirements. We will prioritise suppliers that our ethically-focussed and local. We seek to minimise business travel and goods transport whenever possible.

7. Impacts
In conjunction with our measurement objectives above, we will take necessary measures to prevent pollution, to preserve and use raw materials in a sparing manner and implement an emergencing planning procedures. We will not allow our products to be tested on animals.

8. Safety
We are committed to reducing risks and hazards as a result of business operations to the lowest level possible. We do this through:

  • Monitoring activities
  • Training
  • Controlling the facilities and equipment
  • Adapting to changes, planning prior to emergency situations
  • Monitoring our objectives
  • Audits and review of procedures
  • Ensuring that suitably qualified individuals preside over all relevant business activities
  • Using cosmetic grade packaging and testing fragrance products in advance of release to the market (but never on animals)

9. Continuous improvement
To guarantee continuous improvement we will conduct internal - and where appropriate external - audits of processes and procedures and act upon the findings.

10. Communications
We are commited to informing staff, suppliers and customers of this policy and ammendments to it. This policy is not confidential.