Chocolate Smell

Chocolate aroma – the Smell of Chocolate

For those of you that love the smell of chocolate, our chocolate aroma fragrance spray is for you! Great on its own or combined with with Cinnamon fragrance , our exclusive chocolate spray fragrance is one of the latest addition to the Sensory Decisions product range. Also available as a chocolate scent reed diffuser , it makes a great gift for chocolate-lovers – or anyone who wants to create a fantastic chocolate smell!

the smell of chocolate!

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“The chocolate is very pleasant and so much so that I went to the cafe and got a cocoa!” (Marcus)
“I will be buying a load more for presents for people at Christmas time.” (Iris)

The smell of chocolate in a room spray or diffuser

Flat-rate world-wide shipping. If you love smelling chocolate, get it now! Have a lovely chocolate scent in your home, shop or office. We ship worldwide at a flat-rate: anywhere in the world for the same price!

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Chocolate reed diffusers

Our reed diffuser kits can be used to convert the chocolate spray bottle into reed diffuser. This is by far a better way of creating the smell of chocolate than chocolate scented granules or chocolate scented candles – and is guaranteed to get your home or office smelling of chocolate!

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