Bread Smell

The smell of Bread – freshly-baked!

If you love smelling bread, you will love our bread spray! It took considerable R&D to recreate our bread aroma and was this was our first ever product to launch. Since then our bread fragrance continues to satisfy customers across the globe.

the smell of freshly baked bread

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Flat-rate shipping anywhere in the world.PLUS: discounts when ordering more than one!The most realistic fresh bread fragrance – guaranteed.Scroll down to read more and see customer feedback.

 Love smelling bread?

If you love a fresh baked bread smell, order our bread spray to get the smell of bread in your home, office or shop. Worldwide flat-rate shipping! How about trying our diffuser kit  to convert our bread fragrance spray to a bread diffuser?

Our proudest creation – and sometimes described as “bakery smell”, it truly creates a baking bread smell. We are the only known company that can supply a realistic fresh bread fragrance that smells exactly like freshly baked bread. It also works great with our coffee fragrance in the form of the popular house sale kit . As well as homes and businesses, this product has also been put to use in sales training, religious seminars and even a theatrical production of the play  The Baker’s Wife .

What people say about our Bread Smell:

“The sprays arrived today. Sooooooo nice!” Lynda”Good product!” Francisco”I will be buying a load more for presents for people at Christmas time.” Iris”Realistic smells – just wish they were available in bigger bottles!” – Dawn (United Kingdom)

Fresh bread fragrance reed diffusers

Check out our reed diffuser kits – they convert any of our bread spray bottles into a bread fragrance reed diffuser! This means you can have a continuous smell of bread in your home, office or shop.

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