Vidanova Enterprises Ltd, a privately held company based in UK is the holding company for

It is also the company behind (an innovative range of dog showers and dog grooming accessories) and two other online-based consumer-product and B2B businesses.

All these businesses have been developed from startups with innovative customer offerings and are in their early growth-phases, with quarterly increases in profits and revenues. The continued growth of the businesses is underpinned by a strategic development plan that addresses market development and expansion, new products and services and continuous, incremental improvement in operational efficiency, cost-reduction and customer service.

The two directors of Vidanova Enterprises Ltd recognise the operational and strategic agility afforded by the company’s current incorporation status and streamlined decision-making process; the development plan noted above is funded by working capital generated from sales revenue. However, to accelerate the growth, we are willing to discuss opening our capital to other companies and private investors, injecting capital to bring various projects online earlier.

Please contact us with any thoughts or ideas and we are happy to discuss any opportunities.

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