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Try our New Car Smell spray  for your car, featuring the best ‘new car smell’ fragrance with our active car freshener to destroy old car odors and inject the smell of a new car into any car. Great when giving your car an interior overhaul or getting it ready to sell. Following our instructions below for using the new car smell spray, it can be used as a superior car freshener to remove odours and re-introduce the smell of a new car – just like a showroom.

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The smell of a new car in a car freshener!

Get rid of bad smells and get the New Car Smell Spray to make your car smell like new – risk free money back guarantee.

What other people say about our New Car Smell

Here is just some of the feedback we’ve had:

“…. interestingly my car does smells like new now. well packaged. fits neatly in car door compartment. good value for money….. .” (Rob);

“Product Very good fragrance….also reminded me of the scent of my car when I bought it new.!! will buy again in the future .” (Judi);

“Great smelling product fooled my mates” (Brian);

“Lighting fast delivery, excellent product, highly recommended” (Bobby);

“I will buy it again.” Jose;

“Does what it says on the tin.” (Brian)

Instructions for use

Apply the New Car Smell Spray after cleaning the interior of your car. Spray liberally onto the carpets and the inside of the boot, from a distance keeping the bottle upright. Only if necessary – for hardcore deodorising and freshness – spray sparingly onto seat covers and the fabric lining of the roof. For intensive use spray sparingly down the air vents and leave to dry. For best results close the doors and windows and leave for a few hours to get to work. Safety considerations: our new car smell is safe for use in cars and indoors, however, don’t spray it into the eyes or skin and do not inhale the mist.

Also check out our free guide to selling your car here: how to sell a used car, containing great tips on how to sell your car fast.

The new car smell

Every new car smells… well – like a new car! With our New Car Smell spray we can help you re-introduce the original smell, whilst destroying the odours that may well have gathered over the years: food, kids’ sports gear, tobacco, pets… these can all be removed and replaced with the smell of a new car. Superior to other car fresheners, we are so confident that this will get your car smelling like new that we offer a 110% money back guarantee. If you want to have the smell of new car somewhere else (other than your car), check out our reed diffuser kits that convert the spray bottle into a reed diffuser! Our New Car Smell can be successfully used for RV and camper odor , motorhome and caravan odour and bad boat smells – as well as cars! Try it risk free – 110% money back guarantee.

  • Re-creates the smell of a new car
  • Removes bad car smells
  • Lasts far longer than other car fresheners

Car smell – so what exactly is it?

According to Wikipdedia’s definition of New Car Smell , the smell of a new car comes from a complicated mixture of paint, carpeting, leather, vinyl, glue and lubricants. Whilst these may not sound so great(!), our New Car Smell Spray safely recreates the smell of a new car without any hassle or concerns over chemicals. We’ve worked hard to get it right – we are sure you will appreciate it in your car!

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