Scent Marketing - Olfactory Marketing

The following products listed here have been curated for the purposes of increasing sales and improving customer experiences. Our first two products - launched a decade ago - were room sprays, smelling of fresh coffee and freshly baked bread. These two were obviously the stereotypical "sell your house..." pair that most consumers would relate to.

SInce then, we have launched other scent products (not just sprays) and also taken on commissions for hotels, theatres, museums and travel agencies.

Whilst we could lecture on the theory of olfactory marketing and make all sorts of suggestions, we find that business owners usually have pretty good ideas of what they need. If your olfactory marketing need isn't met by something we offer, get in touch and we'll see what we can do. Some interesting real-world examples of the application of scent marketing by our customers are:
  • Our Fresh Bread scent in a theatre product of "The Bakers Wife"
  • Our Lavender and Leather room sprays being used in an antiques store.
  • Leather scent being used by an artisan handbag producer.
  • White Tea scent being used in an interior design consultancy's open-house style exhibitions.
  • A Michelin-starred chef using Popcorn Scent to accompany his signature dessert.
  • Chocolate, Vanilla, Bread and Bacon being used with our automatic scent diffuser machine at different times of the day in a high-end restaurant in Italy. The restaurant served separate menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the owners wanted some extra enticement as the city came out of lockdown.
  • Bacon scent being mixed with inkjet printer ink for a limited edition graphic novel (this was one of our wackier projects!)
  • Our Fresh Linen fragrance is popular with hotels, particularly in continental Europe.

The following selection of our products are those that lend themselves well towards scent marketing applications, but by no means is exhaustive.