Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will it take to be delivered? Most orders are processed and dispatched on the same day as ordered (excluding Saturdays and Sundays), but it may take up to 2 working days maximum. UK destinations: typically arrive 2-4 working days after order placement. Delivery destinations within the European Union: usually arrive between 5 and 10 working days after order date, often sooner. Outside of the EU: up to 10 working days. Please allow extra time at busy periods, including Christmas and Easter.

How is the P&P charge calculated? The post and packaging charge (P&P) is directly related to the costs (we do not aim to make money out of this, rather pass on costs to you). P&P is calculated in the shopping cart and at the checkout stages. There is a sliding scale of P&P charges, so the more items you order, the lower the relative per-item P&P cost.

How are the currencies calculated? Currencies are calculated by Shopify, our shopping cart and e-commerce partner.

How much is in each bottle? Each standard spray bottle is 55ml - which is around two US fluid ounces. As our fragrances are highly concentrated and we only use micro-droplet atomiser pumps, one bottle lasts a long time. Each depression of the atomiser pump releases 0.14ml of concentrated fragrance, so each bottle lasts for nearly 400 pumps (55 divided by 0.14). See below for examples on how long they might last you. Our bottles are made from recyclable aluminium: please remember to recycle them if possible.

How long does a bottle last with a reed diffuser kit? How long a bottle with reed diffusers lasts involves a trade-off between strength of the smell and how long it lasts. The stronger the smell (controlled by how many reeds you put in / take out and how often you turn the reeds upside down) the quicker it will be used up - and vice versa. Factors in the environment (room volume, temperature, humidity and air movements such as air conditioning and open windows) also play a very big part. As an indication, a reed diffuser in a home living room, turning the reeds once every ten days to give a very gentle background smell should last five to six weeks. In a medium sized office with a lot of air movement, two weeks might be more likely. Please note, using the replaceable cap (supplied with the kit) at night allows for the diffuser to be 'turned off', lasting even longer.

Can I use any of the fragrances for cooking? No. Please only use these for making your house smell of fresh coffee and bread. DO NOT USE FOR COOKING.

How do I use the New Car Smell Spray? Instructions: after emptying, cleaning and hoovering your car, spray the carpets, footwell mats and boot-liner liberally. If necessary, also sparingly spray head liners and seat covers. Fabric surfaces are the main culprit for harnessing smells - hard surfaces normally just need a wipe with a clean cloth to remove smells. Replace carpets/mats and leave for 24 hours for the deodorising active ingredients to take effect. After that, the smell that will remain will be that of a showroom-ready brand new car, regardless of the age of the vehicle.

How long does the Sell-a-House kit last? The coffee and bread fragrance spray bottles are highly concentrated, compared to other room fragrances. This means that shipping costs and carbon footprints are kept to a minimum and not many pumps of the atomiser are required. Tests have shown that an average-sized three bedroom house requires two to three sprays per room (3 bedrooms, bathroom, stairs and landing, hall, cloakroom, living room, kitchen, dining room = 10 rooms). The smell lasts for around two hours, depending on temperature, humidity and any open windows or doors. Each bottle (the kit contains one of coffee and one of bread) lasts for over 350 sprays. You can do the maths yourself according to how often you have viewings, but it will last you a long time!

How long does the New Car Smell last? A treatment will typically last for up to four months, depending of course on what you do with the vehicle in the mean time. After the first treatment, subsequent re-application will only require a smaller ammount. Depending on the size and condition of the vehicle, one bottle (=50ml) will last for ten to fifteen treatments.

Is it safe? All ingredients in our formulae have been tested as safe for use as fragrances in their intended applications. On some surfaces, such as those with painted or with vinyl coatings, there is a very small possibility of discolouration. If in doubt, test first – and better still, aim the nozzle high into the centre of the room/vehicle to maximise the effect.

For any more information please contact us on this site and we will get back to you as soon as we can.