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Professional Scent Machine - Programable Aroma Machine - Automatic Fragrance

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PRODUCT No: 5060340173821

This scent diffusion unit is intended to be installed inside commercial and domestic rooms of between 20 to 200 cubic metres. The device is mains powered, fully programable and designed to be set up then left alone, with periodic inspection and occasional refilling. A range of scents are available.

This automatic scent machine features seven-day, fully programmability with multiple on/off periods per day and each day separately programmed. This means the exact scent levels can be fine-tuned and the machine can be turned off at the weekend and overnight. The unit may be unplugged for short periods of time without the programming settings being lost.

The SD-PDM200 comes with the required fitting kit and a power supply suitable for the destination country. Full instructions and advice are given for location, installation, programming, maintenance and refilling.

A range of scent refills are available and as Sensory Decisions is a British company, all units are shipped from within the UK. The SD-PDM200 is covered by a full 6 month warranty and UK customer support.

Each unit requires a bottle of Sensory Decisions fragrance fluid and must not be used with anything else. Please click here to add one to the basket in your chosen scent. Each bottle will last between three weeks and three months on a typical office hours / working week schedule. After this time you can order a replacement in the same or a different scent. Actual consumption will vary depending on the installation and programming.