Plugin Aroma Diffuser - Motion Sensitive

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This plugin aroma diffusion unit is intended to be installed inside commercial and domestic rooms of between 20 to 150 cubic metres. It is mains powered and works on cold-air diffusion. It is therefore far superior to aerosol or spray devices and does not suffer from blockages, loss of scent or some of the safety considerations of automatic spray or aerosol devices. It's key features are:

  • Motion sensitive option or simple timed operation
  • Wall-mounted, plug-in
  • Versatile - suitable for a wide range of room sizes
  • Comes ready with your chosen scent at no extra cost
  • Available to fit plug sockets in UK, EU and USA - simply select your plug type from the option drop-downs
  • Quiet operation at <35dBA

With three different strength levels plus an automatic mode, this versatile scent diffuser can cope with a wide range of room sizes. In Sensor Mode the unit activates for ten seconds upon sensing movement within 120 degrees and 4 metres.

Alternatively, in Timer Mode there are three different strength settings:

  • Level 1: on for 30 seconds every ten minutes
  • Level 2: on for 30 seconds every 5 minutes
  • Level 3: on for 30 seconds every two minutes

In sensor mode the ADM-150 works well in corridors, entrances, foyers and hallways. An advantage of motion-sensitive operation is that it does not waste scent when nobody is around. If you need full 24/7 programmability, we suggest you consider our PDM-200, which has a fully customisable weekly calendar, so you can completely dial in your needs. 

Each bottle of scent will typically last between two and four months, depending on use. A full range of replacement scent oils is also available here. We do not recommend installing this device near to workstations.

The ADM-150 is covered by a full 6 month warranty and our customer support is always available to answer any questions. Please note that only Sensory Decisions replacement scent oils are suitable for use with this diffuser and attempts to use any other fluid will not be effective, will invalidate the warranty and likely result in damage to the device.